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PrintDesigns encourages government support for SME’s

Startup Stock Photos Many small business in the UK are growing concerned following on from the Brexit vote as many are due to receive cuts to funding that was given by the EU. Last week Theresa May called for a gathering of small business representatives, showing her support for these organisations and acknowledging their importance for the UK economy. Leading printing company, PrintDesigns has been working together with small businesses to help them succeed for over 15 years and welcomes this move from the new Prime Minister, continuing to show commitment in helping these important companies to thrive post Brexit.

The meeting took place at Downing Street, with many recognised small business representatives in attendance including the Federation of Small Businesses, the British Chambers of Commerce and the EEF manufacturing association. With around 5.4 million SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) operating in the UK, these companies accumulate together to provide vital work and income for many British families, making them a backbone to finances throughout the UK. Amongst other commitments made by the Prime Minister, May has prioritised building a more skilled workforce and balanced economy within the UK, building her industrial strategy around these goals with small businesses as a main focus.

 Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of PrintDesigns said, “While some businesses won’t be convinced by the government’s commitment to supporting SME’s until they start to see action, these initial statements by the new prime minister are certainly reassuring. Now more than ever, small businesses are not only helping to provide financial stability for workers across the UK, creating jobs and opportunities to grow, but these start-ups and smaller companies are driving innovative new business ideas.”

Thompson continued, “We provide services for businesses of all sizes across the nation, but work particularly with lots of small businesses to help them gain great quality marketing at affordable pricing. We really see the value in these businesses and constantly strive to offer the best deals that cater to the needs of these companies, no matter the financial climate and are happy to see the new support from the government. We encourage this drive and hope to see the real effects of the action put in place to make these commitments a reality for small businesses throughout the UK.”

In response to the worries about the removal of UK funding following on from the EU parting, May reassured the SME representatives by stating that it would be replaced as part of the new renegotiation strategy. PrintDesigns continues to assists small businesses on tight budgets during these uncertain times with a selection of effective printed marketing solutions on offer at affordable prices.