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Location, Location, Location: Positioning At Exhibitions

Positioning is everything when it comes to choosing stand space at an exhibition or trade show. It can have a huge effect on the amount of business that is done for the duration of the show, and can have a massive impact on the amount of exposure and publicity a company receives at the event. Often with these types of events, stand slots and space are open to book months in advance; the positioning of a display is not pot luck, and it will have consequences regarding the overall success of a foray into the exhibition world. Here are Printdesigns’ top tips for exhibition stand positioning, and how to achieve maximum exposure.


It is a very good idea for exhibitors to attend the show themselves beforehand, or a similar show at the least. Getting to know the layout of the show and observing the way people move around the space is a great way to pick the best spot for the banner stands and displays. The positioning of stands at these events, combined with facilities such as toilets, cafes, refreshment stands, exits and entrances can create noticeable areas where traffic is higher and bottle necks occur; these are the ideal places for a display. Stand space which boasts open space on either aisle, as well as stands situated in corners, also get consistently high visitor rates. It is also recommended to examine each of the stand spaces, taking note of electrical points, how many walls the space is surrounded by, as well as features of the building such as columns or steps which might hinder how well the display can be seen.


If possible, attempt to find out who has already booked their exhibition space for the show. If this is a large company with a loyal customer base, there can be an inclination towards frustration, but the high levels of traffic this neighbour will create could have a beneficial effect. Getting a stand next to or opposite a direct competitor is also a strong move, especially if their deals are inferior; twice the number of customers will be attracted and all there is left to do is to offer them a deal far better than rival’s.

Find Your Level

First time exhibitors might be advised to take their roller banner stands to the smaller spaces in order to gauge public reaction and see how the exhibition experience pans out. Alternatively, those who are unfamiliar with the exhibition scene and want to appear as professional as possible might look into such options as shell scheme stands, where the organiser supplies walls, carpet and a company name board. These spaces are generally smaller, but are kitted out with everything necessary to make an impact at a show. Larger options are generally only space-only hire, and are recommended for the savvy, experienced exhibitors who can supply all of their own equipment and create a striking exhibition area.