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Banner Stand Varieties And Their Many Advantages

An example roller banner standWhether creating a show-stopping display for use at a trade show or aiming for some brand emphasis in a reception or waiting area, a banner stand can add visual impact to any environment. They can deliver strong marketing messages or simply increase a sense of brand presence, and they are one of the most popular methods of promotion for businesses large and small. As with any popular marketing method, there are many different variants on the conventional banner stand. This guide examines some of the most common types of banner stand, with the advantages they boast and what environments they are best used in.

By far the most popular type of exhibition stand on the market, the roller banner stand is ideal for businesses which want to make a big impact on a relatively small budget. They are imposing and eye-catching when fully assembled, and when the exhibition is over they can simply be rolled up and stored within a convenient carry-case; the printed panel is stored within the base when not in use with the help of a spring-tensioned roller mechanism. This makes them especially useful for companies or individuals who travel a lot; the stands can be stored in transit and unveiled easily at their destination using a simple hook.

Though the sunny days are few and far between in Britain, many organisations still insist on hosting outdoor events, making outdoor banner stands are also an incredibly popular marketing solution for those who want to be prepared. Whilst it might not be possible to rainproof an entire display, many who plan on attending outdoor events are reassured by the fact that their banner stand will stand tall and remain unaffected by reasonably adverse weather. UV cured ink is printed directly onto PVC, which won’t wrinkle after a summer shower, and the weighted bases will stand up against sudden gusts of wind. Summer fairs, outdoor forecourts and workplace entrance areas are prime places for outdoor banner stands.

Slightly less common but gaining in popularity every day, the bamboo banner stand is one which will stand any business in good stead for the coming years of emission reductions and eco-friendly policies. As well as being environmentally friendly, the stands are attractive and hardwearing, making them ideal for the type of exhibition or trade show where much competition will be faced. Anything which sets a display out from the crowd is a plus in these situations, and their ‘green’ credentials are an added bonus for company looking to the future. Lightweight textile graphics, a natural and authentic stand and a low price tag make these stands one of the best options for businesses looking to impress.