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How To: Design A Successful Banner Stand

Exhibition stands must fulfil a number of briefs in order to be effective; they must attract the eye of potential clients, they must represent a positive brand image for the company they serve, and they must display a selection of important information without overloading the reader. All of these considerations must be taken into account when choosing and designing an exhibition stand; here are some exhibition stand design tips from experts Printdesigns, which will help to fulfil the criteria for a successful exhibition area.

The most important content should generally go at the top of the banner stand design; this is likely to be the logo and company name, with perhaps a company strapline or a brief sentence explaining the service or product. The top of the banner will usually be at around eye level, and will be more visible from further away than a logo placed further down a banner. With regards to extra text, the mantra ‘less is more’ is often used in reference to the design of banner stands for exhibitions. Visitors walking around often do not have time to read paragraph upon paragraph on a stand, and need to be able to take in information which is simple and to the point. Getting a message across in as few words as possible is a skill, and the marketing and promotional areas of all organisations should work on communicating in easy-to-read bullet points.

Images should be relevant and of professional quality. A screen-grab from a website will be too low in resolution and quality to be enlarge on a banner stand, and the result will be an unprofessional image. If personalised marketing images are not available, image libraries across the internet possess thousands upon thousands of generic images which can be purchased and applied to all promotional materials. If using an image, the colours of the rest of the banner should correspond with this image to prevent too many clashes. Choose an image which fits with the logo of the company where possible, to achieve a sleek and coherent look.

When designing a banner stand for an exhibition or special event, is also pays to think ahead. Though certain promotional materials will need a time-sensitive promotional offer or discount to draw in crowds and offer incentives, keeping banners neutral means they can be utilised around the workplace or at future events. Placing a professional banner stand in a reception or waiting area can add an element of real professionalism to a workplace, whilst having a stock of banner stands which can be used again and again will be useful next time exhibition season rolls around.