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Complement Company Environmental Ethics With Sustainable Marketing Products

Sustainable banner standsExperiencing a current global shift towards sustainable products, and energy efficiency being the hot topic, companies from around the world are jumping on the ‘go-green’ bandwagon for fear of being left behind by this new wave of environmental thinking. With the public increasingly searching for environmentally friendly solutions, company marketing has seen a big change of direction. Offering quality over quantity, investing in a Printdesigns exhibition display means that companies can rest assured that they are meeting public go-green expectations.

A large percentage of potential clients will now take the time and effort to source a company that not just meets financial requirements but plays its part in reducing mankind’s carbon footprint. Not only do Printdesigns uphold a environmentally friendly graphic printing process but the quality of all products ensures that the need to constantly source replacement marketing material and the amount of wasted products that end up broken, torn or rusted, is considerably reduced.

Made with slightly thicker aluminum shells, a Printdesigns pop up display stand will last for considerably longer that most other budget brands for a competitive price. A range of other pop up display kits also include magnetic locking frames and graphic hanging attachments, which despite meaning an easy set-up, are some of the most durable on the market. Where both budget and environmental ethics are an important factor, the budget roller banner stand even comes complete with a recyclable base.

All banner stand boards and panel graphics are printed at photo quality using an environmentally friendly UV print process. Keen to promote a healthy environment by strictly avoiding the use of solvents and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Printdesigns’ printing practice guarantees that no damaging toxins are released into the air at any time during or following the printing process.  Their dye sublimation printing system on textile graphic displays also follows the healthy product policy, textile prints are much more easily recyclable than PVC and polyester.

iPad stands are also becoming an increasing marketing trend for 2013. The stand is the perfect hands on solution for both exhibitors and customers and requiring very little power to run or charge the iPad, is a wonderful answer to environmental marketing concerns. Combining an audiovisual product that is both modern and interactive, is proving among marketing professionals, to be a key tool for both company product promotion and improved customer service.

For businesses such as spas, gyms, alternative medical practices and holistic therapy clinics, whose approach to the environment and our relationship with it is the very essence of their existence, a bamboo banner stand would certainly be more in keeping with company credo. A fast growing plant, bamboo is a wonderful solution to helping decrease deforestation issues and toxic waste emitted from manufacturing plastic and metal. Sturdy, durable, stylish and versatile, a bamboo exhibition stand is the most environmentally friendly marketing product available.