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Magiclad Shell Clad Roll Panels – Lowest Prices from Printdesigns

Magiclad is a material ideally suited for the production of shell scheme graphics and available at the best prices from leading UK exhibition display provider Printdesigns Limited.

For those customers looking for a simple, yet eye-catching way to dress a shell scheme exhibition stand, Shell Clad can provide the perfect solution.

Shell Clad adapter clips are simple, plastic adapters that snap-on to the pre-existing shell scheme posts and allow printed, graphic panels to attach ton them edge to edge using velcro. The use of Shell Clad adapters enables an exhibition shell scheme to be ‘wallpapered’ with all-round graphics as the metal posts of the stand are hidden from view.

There are many materials that can be used for the production of the graphic panels and Printdesigns favour the use of a heavyweight, polyester stoplight film called Opal Jet. Opal jet is a photographic-coated film that provides excellent colour reproduction and pin-sharp print definition. Once printed, the material is laminated with a scratch resistant coating to protect the delicate printed surface from marks and damage when it is handled.

Magiclad roll panel backing is a 4mm thick fluted sheet material that can be applied to the reverse to the Opal jet polyester film after printing in order to provide extra rigidity over the width of the panel whilst still allowing for the panel itself to be rollable.

Shell-Clad graphics that have been produced using the Magiclad backing provide the versatility of a rollable panel combined with the overall finish of a solid wall panel. Being so thick and durable, a set of magiclad printed graphics can be used many times thus providing maximum return on investment from your exhibiting budget.

Below is a picture of a typical Magiclad roll panel. Don’t forget that Printdesigns can provide Magiclad roll panels in bespoke sizes for other uses as well as for use on Shell Clad exhibition stands. For more information, please call or email and speak to one of our team who can help.

Shell Clad Magiclad Roll Panels

Shell Clad Magiclad Roll Panels