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How to Cut Trade Show Costs

managing budgetsExhibiting at trade shows can end up being eye wateringly expensive, especially for small companies without large marketing budgets. However, there are plenty of ways to slice trade show costs – and you won’t have to sacrifice anything. Mainly it comes down to being prepared and planning in advance, but we also have some industry insider hacks to make sure you don’t overspend on exhibiting. Read on for some of our top tips!


Book Early

It may sound obvious, but planning ahead – well ahead- can be really good for your budget. If there’s a certain industry show you know you want to exhibit at, then start enquiring a year before. Many trade shows have earlybird booking offers and discounts, so be the first to book a spot and take advantage of the savings. Also if you plan on exhibiting at the event every year, some shows may offer loyalty or bulk booking discounts – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!


Pick a Versatile Theme

When choosing your design theme and slogans for your exhibitions, make sure you are thinking ahead. Choosing something too seasonal means you will only be able to use all of those displays are promotional brochures once a year. If you choose something more versatile, you can order display stands, uniforms and promo products in bulk, and cash in on bulk buy savings and discounts. You’ll save on graphic design costs, and the stock should last you all year so you don’t need to worry about allocating more money to the budget.


Do You Really Need to Rent?

Renting power stations, lighting and other facilities at the show can be really expensive. Is there any way you can take your own? Or can you reconsider the need for it? You can also save money by collecting all your own rubbish at the end of the event.


These are just a few ideas go keep costs down – can you think of any more money-saving exhibiting tips? Let us know!