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Get Exhibition Kits Back To Their Best With Printdesigns

Exhibition season, traditionally commencing in September, is fast approaching, and many businesses will start planning their promotional strategies for when they eventually take their exhibition kits on the road. Some of the older equipment in the kit might be looking a little worse for wear and need some replacement parts to get it in prime condition to be taken to events. Printdesigns are experts in providing exhibition stands for many clients in the UK, and their range of replacement parts can help prepare any team for the inevitable stream of conferences and events that they will attend over the coming months.

One of the most basic kit essentials when taking a display on the road to promotional events is a bag for a banner stand, to keep the graphic and the stand safe and protected in transit. The replacement bags available from Printdesigns are able to safely stow many of their most popular banner stands, including the entire Quickroll range, the Budget Roller Banner Stand and the Sidewinder Banner Stand. If customers are unsure of the name of the stand they have, Printdesigns will endeavour to find a bag which matches its dimensions, and with prices starting at just £10.00, these exhibition essentials can be replaced without denting the budget.

As anyone who has ever taken a display to an exhibition will testify, sometimes things won’t go according to plan, which is why many teams feel it necessary to take a selection of back-up equipment with them, should their existing kit be lost or encounter difficulty. The Ultima range of stands, which includes the Barracuda, Imagine, Advance and Excalibur banner stands, is a very popular collection, and the Ultima telescopic pole is a vital piece of equipment which will support all of the aforementioned stands.  Strong and adjustable, with printed height markers to perfectly fit all graphics and stands, the Ultima telescopic pole is priced at just £20.00, so there is no excuse not to add a few spares to the kit, just in case.

Lighting is the perfect way to draw more attention to a display, but as with all electrical appliances, lights have a definite shelf life and need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis. The PowerSpot 800 Roller Banner Stand Light is suitable for use with all of Printdesigns’ roller banner stands, as it just attaches to the pole at the rear of the roller banner via a bulldog clamp. The 35-watt low-voltage light has an adjustable head, so it can be used to illuminate the most important section of the stand, and the lights are available individually or in sets of two or four. It is the most popular banner stand light available from Printdesigns and at just £30.00, is the perfect replacement light to take to any event.