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Tap In To Flexibility and Functionality with Stealth Banner Stands

Printdesigns is one of the leading suppliers of exhibition stands in the UK, catering to many businesses and helping them to hit targets, promote new campaigns and further establish their brand. Their wide selection of stands fit for this purpose is second to none, with the Printdesigns team confident that they have the banner stand to meet any company’s demands. One of the most flexible designs on the market is the Stealth banner stand, which went on sale in 2011 and has been revolutionary in its functionality, simplicity and high quality.

The Stealth Linking Banner Stand allows stands to be used individually or linked together to create a larger display with more impact. The simple magnetic strip which allows single stands to be pulled together is practical and easy to use, whilst ensuring that the banner stands are fully secure and stable. The flexibility of these versatile stands even allows the creation of subtly curved banner walls, for a sleek and professional edge in a first-class display.

The tensioning method used in these innovative stands guarantees a smooth, taut graphic, held in place by a sprung top-section and a sturdy support pole, with twist-lock functionality. The Stealth exhibition stands are perfect for use in high-traffic areas such as conferences or promotional events, as well as outside occasions where the elements can test even the strongest of stands.  The full-colour printed panel included with the product, which can be created from a client’s own artwork or designed by the in-house team at Printdesigns, is printed onto heavyweight Opal Jet polyester stoplight film, with a scratch-resistant laminated finish to improve durability. Graphics storage tubes are available as an added extra, to keep the printed panels safe in transit or storage.

These original and efficient stands are supplied ready to use, with the barest minimum of assembly required. The options that are afforded by the stands, which included single or double-sided graphics, and the choice to link stands or leave them standing alone, make them a valuable resource for those taking displays to conferences or trade shows, and all at a low price. A Double-Sided Stealth Banner Stand is available priced at just £249.00, with the sturdy base, the pole, printed graphics and a protective carry bag for the base all included.

Also available from Printdesigns is the Stealth Banner Stand Flexible Kit, which allows clients to create larger backdrops that can be manipulated to fit and fill any available space. This set includes two bases, two poles, three printed graphics (two 800mm wide banners and one 600mm wide interlinking panel) and durable carry bags for all of this equipment.