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Banner Stands that don’t lean over!

We get a lot of phone calls from customers who want to place orders for our best selling budget roller banner stands but have been burned by purchasing similar looking products from other suppliers that ultimately turn out to be poor quality and generally unfit for purpose.

One of the biggest issues that comes up when talking to such customers is whether or not our displays stand up straight rather than leaning forwards. I have personally seen many such banner stands in use in shopping centre’s, retail units and exhibition halls and frankly they look terrible!

Budget banner stands are, (as the name suggests) made to a budget but the problem is that in an effort to reduce costs some manufacturers radically cut-down on the thickness of the metal used in the banner stand and this makes then very flimsy indeed.

The pole of a banner stand usually fits through a hole in the top of the casing and locates into another hole or cut out so the pole in anchored at two points to maintain a vertical angle. When the banner itself is pulled-up and hooked over the pole at the top of the stand, the downward force of the spring-loaded base pulling on the print can cause the pole or the base itself to distort under load. It is this distortion of the supporting framework that causes the dreaded leaning banner stand effect!

As a rule of thumb, you can instantly assess the quality of a banner stand by checking the weight of it. There are some suppliers who are advertising economy/budget banner stands weighing around 2KG and that is extremely light indeed!

In our experience, anything less than 3KG on an 800/850mm banner stand is hit and miss so we do not sell such lightweight mechanisms. Banner stands that weigh less than this are generally sold with a cheap poly propylene or very thin non-block out PVC print because they are not physically capable of supporting the weight of a thick print material.

Our stands weigh in at 3.8KG. We believe that they are the best value roller banner sold in the UK. We were one of the first companies to make banner stands affordable and have been selling them since 1999. We are often imitated which can be seen by the number of companies who model both their product lines and web prices on our own but the quality of the products we supply is second to none.

If you are contemplating purchasing an economical banner stand then please consider our budget banner stand that represents unbeatable value!