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Five simple steps to assemble a banner stand

Banner stands are a good way to promote a newly launched product. They help in making a strong visual statement. The success of a banner stand depends on the type and quality you choose. There are many banner stands and each one of them functions in a different way.

Banner stands are tall metal stands that hold vinyl or fabric banners. Some types of banner stands are very easy to assemble. Most of them are made from a lightweight material so that it is easier for the employees of a company to carry them. An advantage of using banner stands is that they fold up and are easy to store when not in use.

Mentioned below are five simple steps to help you assemble your banner stand.

Step 1: Place the base of the banner stand on the floor and ensure that the floor is even. An uneven surface can be inconvenient for you to assemble the stand.

Step 2: Ensure that you assemble the pole first. There are some banner stands that have multiple sections fitting together. The poles in other banner stands are telescoping and have sections that are hinged, unfold and lock into a straight position.

Step 3: With the help of a screwdriver, fix the threaded end of the banner stand pole into the centre hole of the banner stand base.

Step 4: By identifying the type of banner stand, you can now unroll the banner. In case of retractable banner stands, pull the banner by holding the top edge.

Step 5: Some banners hook onto the banner pole while the others snap into place. The hooks and snaps are usually located in the centre of the edges. In case of a retractable banner stands, the top edge of the banner will hook into place while the bottom edge remains secured inside the base.