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Get noticed with a Printdesigns exhibition stand

In the current economic climate, every business, irrespective of their chosen sector, is in a very arduous battle for survival. Lower margins, increased competition and a dwindling customer base are facts of life for many, so maintaining as high a profile as possible could make the difference between glorious success and abject failure.


Many exhibitions are reporting increased uptake in floor space, as the national’s firms strive to enhance their visibility and engage directly with decision makers at exhibitions and trade shows- recognising the importance of these events as  windows of opportunity for commercial gain. These companies spend vast sums of money on getting their staff to and from the shows, as well as the cost of exhibiting in the first place.


However, with all of these outgoings there is a temptation to skimp on the exhibition stand itself, a decision that makes no sense at all, especially in an exhibition hall where other companies, in some cases direct competitors, have gone to great lengths to ensure their chosen area has a wonderfully eye-catching display.


Printdesigns, the exhibition stand and pop up displays specialists have noticed a growing number of businesses investing in top quality presentation packs which ensure that, at every event they attend, they get noticed time after time by the right people. The rewards can be felt throughout the company as revenue is generated by their appearances.


Mark Thompson from Printdesigns said, “Whether you’re looking to enhance the profile of a small, family-run business or a huge, multinational corporation, Printdesigns can tailor a package to suit your needs, and will help in all stages, from design to completion. We believe that the choice of exhibition stand and accompanying display stands is directly correlated to the success or failure of the event you attend so offer a wide range of packages to suit all tastes and budgets.”


Printdesigns know that the future of any one of their clients may be in the success of their appearances at trade shows and exhibitions, so they leave no stone unturned in their quest to find the right image and the ideal presentation. They have a number of products which are designed to get you noticed.


Shell Clad exhibition stands affix graphic panels to a traditional stand, enabling you to display large images to passers-by. They’re a wonderful way to get your message across, whether it’s by photographs, logos or wording. The possibilities are almost limitless, and will enhance your profile in an instant.


Banner stands allow you to display any image or message you want, yet to be able to transport it anywhere you choose with ease. Printdesigns have a number of styles, including single and double sided, as well as ones intended for indoor and outdoor use. For those who are environmentally conscious, they supply bamboo banner stands, too.


The range of pop-up stands at Printdesigns ensures you can create sustainable interest in your product, yet still fold it away so that it can be transported in a car. There are straight, curved and L-shaped pop-up stands, so there is guaranteed to be a design that will be perfect for your needs.


With a Printdesigns exhibition stand, your potential customers will be able to see your products or services for themselves, ensuring they have a personal interaction that they will remember long after the exhibition or trade show has finished.