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Buying or renting an exhibition stand – which is the better option?

Planning a trade exhibition should not be done in a hurry as it involves a lot of complexities. Even a small error can ruin all your efforts. You also have an option of either organising your own exhibition or participating in a reputable trade exhibition. The decision will depend on the costs you have to incur on each of these and the expected gains from the exhibition.

Decision to buy or rent

When participating in a trade exhibition, you have to decide whether to buy your own exhibition stand or hire one. The decision to buy or rent an exhibition stand will depend on factors like your marketing budget, your event strategy and your expected return on investment.

Some companies think that renting an exhibition stand is a more economical option than buying one. They may feel this because of the following reasons.

Is it feasible?
As you will be attending a single trade exhibition, you might ponder whether such an expensive banner stand will prove fruitful. You might also have doubts whether the stand that you have purchased will fit with future market trends.

Easy transportation
As transporting and assembling exhibition equipment is difficult, hiring an exhibition stand is more economical for preparing and setting up your exhibition booth.

You might also wonder whether renting an exhibition stand rather than buying one will be more cost efficient on the overall marketing budget or the other way round.

Though the above explanations may seem valid, purchasing your own exhibition stand has its own benefits.

Benefits of buying an exhibition stand

Modular exhibition stands are not as expensive as they are thought to be. Their costs are quite low when compared to hiring exhibition stand contractors. There are a lot of budget options available for modular exhibition stands.

Companies will generally buy exhibition stands that offer a great amount of portability. This way it becomes easy to fold them and move them into compact kits and cases.