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Curvorama Launches at Printdesigns

Curvorama Shell Scheme

Curvorama graphics can be used on an exhibition Shell Scheme with optional wall fixings.

Curvorama is a revolutionary, new type of linking display stand launched in July 2011 by leading exhibition and display company, Printdesigns Limited.

For many years the only available linking banner stands on the market were relatively expensive and heavy, relying on a substantial weighted base and utilizing heavyweight graphic panels as found on traditional pop up display systems.

Curvorama breaks new ground in terms of the fact that not only can the banners be used as a free standing display solution by supporting the printed panels with legs and feet but can also be used as an integrated shell scheme paneling solution by using the graphic panels in conjunction with specifically designed wall fixings.

Curvorama banner stands tile together by using an overlap on the graphic panel to form what looks like a continuous mural wall. There is no need for complicated magnetic joins using magnetic tape at the rear of the panels and the graphic panels can consequently be produced using lighter weight alternatives when compared to existing, competing products.

Printdesigns investment in the latest large format Zund cutting equipment enable panels to be trimmed quickly and accurately for the Curvorama system thus ensuring perfect panel alignment for mural wall designs ever time.

The overall combination of composite components, blended with lighter weight printed graphics provides a very lightweight solution. In fact the new Curvorama Aero kit manages to offer the same overall shape as a traditional pop up display package with less that 50% of the overall weight.

We see Curvorama as a truly viable alternative to the traditional pop up display which has been in existence for around 35 years (with the basic design changing very little). The Curvorama display system could also be considered an economically viable alternative to a traditional roller banner stand which is not capable of tiling to create a seamless graphic wall.

From an environmental perspective, Curvorama is aimed towards providing a re-useable display solution, welcome in a disposable world whereby banner stands have become almost ‘throw-away’. It is possible for replacement Curvorama graphics panels to be produced and dispatched economically direct to the customer whereby they can be used in conjunction with the existing hardware (so no need for buying new stands every-time the graphics are updated).

Printdesigns were one of the first UK display companies contacted by Curvorama with a view to distributing the product and worked alongside the manufacturer offering advice and input into the development of the exhibition stand. Curvorama is expected to be highly popular amongst our client base and as such has become a stocked item available for fast dispatch.

For more information on Curvorama or to discuss the product in more detail why not contact Printdesigns on 01785 224055 or visit the Printdesigns website for more information.

Curvorama Aero Kit

Curvorama Aero Kit is a great free-standing display solution and a viable alternative to a traditional pop up stand