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Make A Strong Impression At Conferences with Printdesigns

All businesses, whether they’re big or small, reap the rewards of an impactful and bold conference display when touring promotional events. Billboards, flyers and other advertisements can be utilised by bigger businesses with bigger budgets, but there is nothing that beats a conference environment, where it is possible to interact with potential customers and add that personal touch that is often missing with larger companies. For those who want to make a strong impression at a promotional event, Printdesigns has a fantastic range of exhibition stands which will draw all eyes and create a show-stopping display. With years of experience in providing these marketing aids, there is surely something for every type of business.

A giant roller banner stand is a fantastic way to send a powerful message at any event, drawing in the crowds and creating a professional and polished image. The Pegasus Banner Stand is among the largest exhibition stands Printdesigns has to offer, standing at a magnificent 2m tall and 2.5m wide. Many other suppliers who sell the Pegasus stand print their graphics onto a PVC banner material; these heavy materials cannot be properly tensioned and cannot be adequately folded for transport. Printdesigns uses a lightweight fabric which is sewn at the top and the bottom to create a stunning and crease-free graphic. Assembly of this top-of-the-range stand is quick and simple, with no extra tools required, and once fully constructed, the sturdy stand is guaranteed to offer maximum exposure. The Pegasus stand is available from Printdesigns for just £225.00.

Many companies nowadays are adding plasma screen televisions to their conference displays, for that ultimate professional touch. The vast majority of the exhibition stands which integrate televisions on the market can only accommodate 32-inch screens, but the DEXS Style Pop Up Display Stand can hold a vast 60-inch television set, which can be used to display moving graphics, offers and promotional videos. The unit takes around 15 minutes to assemble, meaning that marketing teams can go from zero to professional in no time at all. Once graphics are received by Printdesigns, turnaround and delivery takes around five working days. This majestic and eye-catching stand is available for just £575.00 – a steal when considering its 10-year warranty and incredible structural support.

A Twist Banner Stand Flexilink Kit is also a great way to stand out in a conference setting for those companies who are going all out to attract attention. By combining two regular twist banner stands with the innovative ‘flexilink’ panel, both straight and curved walls can be created. This is especially effective for situations where they may be less space to work within. The 2m tall banner stands are commanding and make a great impression, while the ‘flexilink’ panel can adjust to any space, for a versatile and adaptable on-the-road display kit. The kit begins at just £550.00 from Printdesigns.

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