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Exhibition Stand Solutions To Aid Any Smaller Business

Making an impact at a conference or event is but a drop in the ocean for many large corporations, whose profits can be supplemented with revenue from a whole manner of other channels. These larger companies can rely on plenty of other promotional activity to endorse their products or services and spread the word. Smaller businesses, including recent start-ups and those determined and savvy enough to overcome the dreaded two-year pitfall which claims so many new businesses, rely much more on promotion at conferences and exhibitions, and as a result, need to have complete faith in their exhibition stands and other materials. Printdesigns is a leading UK supplier of promotional exhibition stands, and can meet the needs of any small business, on any budget. Whether looking for a budget way to increase interest in a brand, or a show-stopping display with all the trimmings, Printdesigns has the solution.

The best budget option for smaller businesses is Printdesigns’ fantastic Economy Roller Banner Stand offer, which provides two banner stands for the price of one for just £75. The stands are an impressive 2 metres tall and 850mm wide, and can be used to bookend a practical and stylish display. They are easily assembled in mere minutes and are lightweight at just 5kg, making them perfect for those hitting the exhibition trail. The offer from Printdesigns includes all printed graphics; two matching designs or two separate prints are available at no extra cost. The hardwearing 600gsm banner material is Class B1 fire-rated for use in all exhibition halls, and for when conference season is over, they can also be used in a retail environment to truly make the most of this cost-effective offer.

Giant Roller Banner Stands are also a great way to send a powerful message at a conference or event. The majestic stand available from Printdesigns stands at a striking 2m x 2m and will draw the eye of any potential customer or client. The banner retains its rigid upright position through twin support poles and a durable metal roller mechanism, which support the stunning printed graphic perfectly and allow it to take centre stage within any display. Delivered in just five working days (once Printdesigns have finalised the graphics), this imposing stand is available for just £204.75.

For a small business, creating a sense of brand identity can be a difficult task, but one of the easiest ways to promote fluidity and consistency throughout a campaign is by using a desktop banner stand. The Angel Desktop Banner Stand, completely exclusive to Printdesigns, helps to pull together all existing elements of a display and can double up as a distributable, perfect for continuing promotion once the exhibition is over. These miniature stands add a real sense of class and professionalism to any display and are available starting at just £6.00 per A4 stand.

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