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Copywriting tools for successful marketing

1 Whether you are the marketing manager, a marketing assistant or CEO of a company, at some time during your working life you will need to write copy to use on your marketing collateral. Not everyone is gifted when it comes to writing, and even those who are can find this task to be quite daunting, especially if this copy is going to be printed on an exhibition stand, flyer, magazine or any other kind of product where it can’t be edited easily!

We specialise in helping businesses of any size with their marketing efforts, and if you are browsing our website today because you are looking to purchase a new printed product such as an exhibition stand, poster or product manual then read on. We have selected the most useful online tools that can help with the design process of your new product, helping you to produce the most successful piece of copy possible!


Grammarly is an incredible tool, and once installed it will perfect any copy you import into it as well as proof reading and correcting any text that you write online (including blogs, emails and social media)! Grammarly can adapt to the writing style appropriate to where the text is going to be placed, and is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ type of application. Whether you are writing a formal instruction manual or an informal blog, Grammarly can recognise the individual rules and ways of writing for each style to help you get it right every time!

Words to use

Successful copy will inspire an audience rather than boring them, and Words to Use helps you write text that will entice the reader in with the very first sentence. There are thousands of words in the English language, but some are used more than others and these common phrases can often fall on deaf ears. With Words to Use, you can browse the subject or category that you are writing about to find an extensive list of alternative nouns, adjectives and phrases to spice up every paragraph.

Rhyme Zone

Just as an expansive vocabulary can catapult your copy straight to the top, techniques such as rhyming can also help to spread your marketing message in a way that is fun and isn’t too ‘salesy’. Rhyme Zone is a handy tool that helps you find rhymes, synonyms and more for any word imaginable. If you’re lacking inspiration when writing your next piece of text, heading to this website can get your creative juices flowing.

What is your go-to tool to help with writing copy for your exhibition stand or flyers? We’d love to know!