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Business Sustainability Policies Need to Extend to Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Printdesigns TEXStyle Curved Display StandIn England alone, 177 million tonnes of waste is produced annually, and much of this is attributed to businesses.  It’s imperative that businesses and households up their green credentials, and many businesses are in fact putting sustainability high up in their priorities. Many organisations claim to be eco-friendly and boast about environmental policy, but are they doing all they can when it comes to live events?

The aftermath of live trade events and exhibitions can be disconcerting to say the least; mountains of plastic and cardboard, one-use exhibition stands and leftover paper marketing materials all dumped at the venue.  Businesses need to be investing in products which last longer, and recycling everything which for whatever reason cannot be used again.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of exhibition stand company Printdesigns said, “It’s not enough for businesses to use energy saving light bulbs and dot a few recycling bins around the office. Sustainability is an ongoing commitment, and the exhibition industry needs it more than ever.”

Exhibitions and trade events as a whole are not environmentally friendly at all – consuming large amounts of electricity and creating a large carbon footprint for exhibitors and visitors travelling to the event. However, such events are necessary to engage consumers and there are ways the industry can improve its eco credentials.  Firstly, exhibitors need to cut their waste production and ensure as much is recycled as possible.  Aluminium is a great material to use in stands as it sturdy and durable, and when the time comes is fully recyclable.

Exhibition stands have been around for two decades but have evolved very little; there is now a pioneering portable display stand which is much more efficient and ecological. TEXstyle exhibition stands are revolutionary because they use fabric graphics rather than PVC, which is instantly a greener choice.  Furthermore, the graphic panel can be washed and reused again and again, or if needs to be replaced then it can be recycled as a textile.  The TEXstyle range is the epitome of longevity, as it can withstand long journeys and be folded and creased without causing any damage.

Mark added, “Using a fabric exhibition stand is definitely the way forward for companies who wish to display a responsible and sustainable attitude.  Not only are they the eco-friendly choice, they look fantastic too so there is absolutely no compromise on appearance.

“Printdesigns is the UK’s number 1 supplier of TEXstyle stands as we are the only organisation with the right equipment to print and sew the product in house. Most of our competitors outsource to countries such as China, delaying the delivery process.”

The TEXstyle range is accessible to all budgets, starting from £150.