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5 Of The World’s Most Eye Catching Stands

To stand out in our highly competitive world, making an immediate aesthetic connection with the audience is essential. An eye catching, attention grabbing stand is the perfect way to do so. The following 5 examples are some of the most vibrant and innovative of their kind from a variety of worldwide exhibitions. Fortunately, you too can now cultivate a similar effect using the options available from Printdesigns so sit back and feast your eyes on these stunning display stands.

  1. NUK

promotional display unit


As leading producers of necessities for newborns, NUK’s stand is immediately gripping. It is important to instantly connect with your target audience and visuals are an instantaneous way to achieve this. A dramatic, well cultivated look will literally cause your desired demographic to flock to your stand. As well as enabling potential customers to make a beeline for the stand, the look achieved is welcoming, colourful, bold and pioneering creating a fresh feel. By using a Printdesigns promotional unit or counter you can create an intimate, hospitable space complete with custom made graphics for a personalised feel that reflects your business style.




2. LED standsYouTube

When YouTube introduced its dramatic, bold exhibition stand, audiences were drawn to the illuminated quality that draws the eye with immediacy. You can garner a similar effect with our range of lit up options including lantern banners, the Powerspot 1200 or illuminated pop up display end panels. Illuminating your stand is a great way to ensure that your business will not be missed and is an easily affordable option whether you require a little light or complete illumination.


printdesigns exhibition display


3. Intermark

Intermark recently exhibited a stand that utilised the dominating qualities of height and light to create instant appeal. To make the most of your available space and create a dramatically tall look that can’t help but be noticed, the Twist Banner Stand Flexilink Kit and Expand Banner Stand are both great ways to reach for the stars and help your stand reach the masses.






teardrop flag4. CAT

Outdoor exhibition stands face unique and unusual challenges. There’s often more space to contend with and a little more freedom but you also have to watch the weather and consider environmental factors. Outdoor looks require durable, hard wearing materials and they also, as ever, need to stand out! Our feather and teardrop flags are a great way to immediately call the clients over though we also have a booming outdoors range specifically designed to deal with the unique requirements posed.



LCD displays5. Greenlight

The future is digital as Greenlight’s display demonstrated. The display incorporated the use of television and computer screens to create a more engaging feel. We have a range of LCD screens designed to be easy to activate and effortless to use. The key feature here is that images and audio can be used in unison to create a truly involving stand that beats traditional options. It’s well worth a consideration if you want to go the extra mile.