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Get the Office Christmas-ready with Engineered Cardboard Displays

christmas displaysWith the festive season just around the corner, businesses up and down the nation will be drawing their attention to the office Christmas display.  While many employers and members of staff waste time decorating traditional trees, Printdesigns is offering a modern alternative in its Yuletide range of engineered cardboard displays.

With five different version of Christmas trees made out of Re-board® and other festive shapes to choose from, companies can bring the office to life in an instant.  The cardboard displays include a bespoke artwork print, giving organisations the opportunity to create branded Christmas trees or creative snowmen!

Mark Thompson, Sales Director at exhibition stand manufacturer Printdesigns said, “There is no better way to boost staff morale at the busy time of year than decorating the office.  We know some offices even have a competition to see who can best decorate their desk! For modern companies, our range of Christmas Themed Engineered Cardboard Displays are a great alternative to a more conventional approach to festive decorations.  The display stands can be placed in public areas, receptions, staff rooms or in meeting rooms and are sure to become the talking point of the building.”

Manufactured in Sweden using innovative Re-board®, the cardboard displays are ideal for offices as they are cost effective and can be recycled along with other conventional paper and card items.  The Re-board®, is lightweight yet incredibly strong – it’s the strongest card available on the market.  Each festive display arrives flat-packed and allows for very easy and fast self-assembly. Many of the designs also feature incorporated shelving, making them perfect for retail settings or any other environment which calls for displaying products or work.

Mark added, “It can be quite easy to go overboard on spending for the office decorations at Christmas time. When you add up all the separate components such as the tree, lights, tinsel, baubles, individual decorations, nativity scenes; the list goes on and on and budget is forgotten about. Now companies can buy everything they need to make the office warm and festive, and little extras can be added if budget allows.”

Clients are urged to order fast with Christmas just around the corner, as Printdesigns expect a rush in the coming weeks. The Staffordshire based company is one of few in the UK who complete all printing in-house rather than outsourcing abroad.