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Adam Marszalek’s cheat sheet for digital printing newbies

digital printing newbies So, you’re almost ready for the exhibition. You’ve planned out the booth, drawn and discarded dozens or even hundreds of sketches to make sure you have the set-up exactly right. You’ve chosen what pieces you need, and now the time has come to decide what will decorate these displays.

But, regardless of what you’re sending, be it a logo or a bespoke design for a particular trade show, there are a few pitfalls you might not be aware of—and that’s where PrintDesigns steps in.

First, we make sure that we have data sheets and templates on every single product page, to help you position your artwork for the best possible look. After you’ve placed your order, it’s simple to send us the accompanying file—either send the artwork to us via your account area, or email us your print-ready artwork along with your order reference number and any special instructions for your work.

We know that making big purchases like this, which will represent your brand to the world, can be a momentous step for smaller companies doing their first trade show, or for someone ordering on behalf of their business for the first time. That’s why PrintDesigns will send you updates when your artwork has been received, checked for errors, and dispatched.

If you have only ever used the traditional offset printing method before and would like guidance on how digital printing differs, we are always on hand to assist—if, for example, you need any extra graphic design, we can send you an estimate after you tell us what you need.

Digital printing means we can offer more services than traditional offset printing, which has been in use since the 19th century. Digital printing is quicker for the printers and the customer, produces a brighter colour, and means customers can try out tricks like printing with opaque white ink, UV printing and dye sublimination. All this adds up to a graphic banner or stand with permanent images that don’t peel or fade, no awkward spots where the printer didn’t transfer the colour easily, and an even look around the whole item.

We use digital printing because we firmly believe that it suits the needs of our clients. Banners and booths have to make an impression at any trade show they’re at, and we want to make the process as simple as possible for you and your company.