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Designing for a good cause

I always like refreshing an old design with something fresh and new, but when it’s for a good cause it’s even more satisfying.

A Child of Mine is a charity set up by long-standing customer of Printdesigns, Gayle Routledge. It is a charity aimed at helping bereaved families who have sadly lost a child or baby.  This particular design job was for a flyer advertising a support group that the charity runs to help bereaved children and teenagers who have lost a family member .

Gayle specifically requested the use of social media icons in the design, as this is something that young people can relate to, and use to express their feelings. She also requested that the design be colourful and something to attract young people.

I began my design by adding the social media icons, and then creating the design around those. I also chose to use a wooden floor background to depict the ‘space’ referred to in the workshop name ‘OUR Space’. Once I had this as a basis I then used bright colours, taken from the social media icons and the A Child of Mine logo, to place the information about the groups and dates on, to make them stand out from the ‘wooden’ background.

Gayle had also requested the use of ‘polaroids’ on the rear of the flyer to show the required information by placing it within each polaroid. Again I chose to make the centre of each polaroid a nice bright colour, but I also thought I’d make them more attractive to young people by adding some ‘doodles’ to each polaroid, to draw the eye of the viewer. I think these doodles certainly liven up an otherwise text based design.

I have really enjoyed designing these fun flyers and I really hope that Gayle’s workshops are a success and help the many young people who attend.