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Which type of exhibition stand is right for me?

When designing your trade show booth, ready for your next big event attendance, it can be hard to know which type of exhibition stand is the right one to use. Whether you are new to corporate events or you are looking for a change in your event strategy, there are a number of different display stands to choose from to help you build a successful booth. There are a few factors to consider when making your next purchasing decision – where one type of stand will be perfect for one occasion, it could be highly inappropriate for the next. Read on as we run you through the options and help you decide which type of exhibition stand is right for you!

Pop up Stands

1Pop up stands are the most popular type of exhibition stands in the UK. As the name suggests, these display units can be folded down and ‘popped up’ from event to event. These stands are based around a metal, three dimensional frame which a graphic is then applied to, often held on with magnetic strips. The frames on offer include straight, curved and L-shaped designs. Although the frames of these pop up stands provide a sturdy solution, they are not the most portable stand on the market and can be too bulky for some.

Banner Stands

2Banner stands are less robust than pop up stands, but they are smaller in comparison. For this reason, banner stands are a good option if you need to travel a long way to your exhibition, or if you have limited amounts of space for luggage when you travel. A popular type of banner stand, and the main type we sell, is the roller banner. Roller banners use a spring loaded cassette that winds down the graphic inside the base when not in use, protecting it from damage and increasing the portability by decreasing its size and volume.


 Fabric Exhibition Stands

3Many of our customers are discovering the benefits of our range of TEXStyle fabric display stands. Utilising the use of printed fabric, these exhibition stands are more portable, versatile and lightweight than ever. Rather than attaching graphics with fiddly magnetic strips or using delicate paper sheets which get damaged after a single use, the single piece of fabric, printed with dye-sublimation equipment for a vibrant finished product, simply slides like a sock over the lightweight frame for quick and easy assembly. One the exhibition is over, the fabric can be folded up for transportation and washed, ready to look stunning at your next event.

So which type of exhibition stand will you be choosing for your next trade show attendance? Do let us know!