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Do you know what your customers really want?

2 Owning a business, working within the marketing department or being part of any role that involves carefully presenting your brand message and offerings to your audience requires a solid knowledge of what your customers really want.

Learning the true needs of your consumers can be the difference between a failure and a successful organisation – no matter how unique your services are, or how quirky your product is, if there is no need or desire for it within your market, then it simply won’t do well.

Other company decisions can also be made by analysing and using such customer feedback data, such as the branding and graphic design of your business. Just as a consumer will have an idea of what it is they are looking to purchase, they all also have certain preferences over the ‘type’ of company that they buy from – all of which branding and visual identity can be used to portray. Often, many companies find that the ‘brand personality’ they believe that they are representing, is seen to mean something very different in the eyes of their consumers, showcasing the importance of gathering customer feedback even more!

Attendance at an exhibition, trade show or conference is a great opportunity to gather great customer feedback from a highly targeted market that is personal to you. Encourage people who visit your booth to fill in a form before they leave your exhibition stand, filled with questions that tackle areas of your business that you want to improve can be and simple way to gather this informative data

By choosing to survey your peers at such events, you are gaining insight from potential customers. Taking their views on board could turn these people from potential customers, to business partners of the future.

At PrintDesigns we offer a large range of printed marketing solutions, covering small and large format printing, exhibition stands, display stands and more – maximise your return on investment by ensuring that the graphics you print on these high quality products, and the offerings you are advertising will truly appeal to your target market by utilising the information that can be obtained from thorough customer feedback.

If you’ve gathered your feedback but aren’t sure how to turn the information into visual outcomes, our team of skilled graphic designers can help you to redesign your graphics with ease, ready for your next big marketing event.

Will you be using more customer feedback to inform your business decisions? How does your marketing team find out the needs of your customers? We’d love to know!