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Using Shell Clad with a Click Shell Scheme

Traditional shell scheme graphics have involved sticking posters or exhibition boards in-between the aluminum posts of the shell scheme which gives a fragmented look to the display.

For those who are unfamiliar with the product, Shell Clad adapter clips are simple and easy to use plastic adapters that allow printed display panels to be attached to most Shell Schemes in order to create a continuous backwall mural.

There are lots of different types of Shell Scheme available and Printdesigns can advise as to which type of shell clad adapter is best suited for your shell scheme. In addition, we can also provide helpful information with regards to the correct sizes for the artwork panels and can produce easy to use artwork templates on request.

Although most Shell Clad clips will attach directly to the exhibition shell scheme post, there can be some occasions whereby an additional adapter clip is required in order to interface between the shell scheme post and the adapter clip. The following explanation and diagram of the use of an adapter with a Click Shell Scheme was kindly provided by Shell Clad who manufacture the adapter clips and are an authority on all Shell Scheme related issues!

Using Shell Clad with a Click Shell Scheme

A brief explanation on the use of Shell-Clad within a “Click” shell scheme:

Fitting Shell-Clad onto Click

The Click system has a very wide groove which requires the use of an adapter when Shell-Clad is fitted. This adapter is made of hard plastic so, ironically, does not click into place. Instead it has to be dropped in from above which is very simple to do, but it does require the installer to loosen any ceiling grid beams and/or facia boards to access the top of the vertical pillars. This is done with a 4mm hex-driver and you should first seek permission from the shell scheme contractor as it is their property. The adapter process is very easy and adds just 5-10 minutes to a build. The Hirex illustration (attached) shows the new style eight groove pillar with a Click adapter and blue Shell-Clad upright installed.

Click corners

There are two different designs of Click pillar; both are octagonal but one has four full grooves and the other had eight. It is important to know which pillar style is being used as this affects how corners are attached. Hirex aka Index aka FitzIn uses the eight groove pillar so corners are fitted in the normal way (albeit with an adapter), but Joe Manby uses the four groove pillar which requires our “floating corners” (see PDF instructions attached, ignoring the fact that the pillar shown is square). The only other regular Click user that we know of is the Harrogate International Centre. Their own in-house system uses the eight groove pillar, but Joe Manby is also a popular shell scheme contractor at the venue, so again you do need to be absolutely sure which pillar style is being used. I hope this makes sense! If in doubt, please feel free to call.

Click adaptor (800mm) cost £4.80, so please add £14.40 per pillar to standard Shell-Clad costs.

Facia boards

Please remember to allow for facia boards when building your stand. You may have to cut down Shell-Clad clips and Click adapters to 500mm to allow for the fact that you cannot fit three full length Shell-Clad clips into the front pillars.


Shell Clad Click Adapter

Diagram showing the Click adapter interfacing with a blue shell clad adaper clip