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Recession Looms Once More – Stay Below Budget with Print Designs

Reports from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development have stated that the UK is back in recession. The figures show that the economy has been dipping since October last year, with output falling by 0.3% in the last quarter of 2011. The first three months of 2012 have seen a drop of 0.1%, and the figures are a bitter blow to businesses who hoped they might be seeing light at the end of the tunnel that has been the global financial crisis. As a result of these facts coming to light, many companies will now be looking for ways in which they can offer and promote their products and services without denting their own budget too much. One of the UK’s premier suppliers of exhibition stands, Print Designs, has a great range of solutions to up the level of promotion without breaking the bank.

Among the best value banner stands currently on sale in the UK, the products available from Print Designs are quick and easy to assemble, whilst still being sturdy and hardwearing enough to see any business through many conferences and events. The stands are constructed from shells which use aluminium to ensure that the stands will never lean or topple, but will always remain steady and firm. The budget stands on offer are priced so that they are affordable without ever compromising on the high quality that Print Designs has become known for.

In spite of the heavy-duty mechanism and the aluminium used to keep the banner stands on their feet, the budget banner stands are actually very light and easy to transport for one place to another. Many come with a carry bag included with the stand, to give maximum portability and to ensure that the stand and the graphics stay in prime condition, ready to go on display at a moment’s notice. Print Designs offers a fantastic deal on their budget roller banner stands – two for £75, with the option of two matching stands or two separate designs at no added cost. The extremely durable 600gsm material which the graphics are printed onto has no show-through and is an example of Print Designs combining low prices with high quality.

Print Designs has also reduced the price of their Giant Banner Stand, with the 1.5m x 2m exhibition stand available for prices starting at just £186.75 (tax excluded). For businesses looking to save and still attract attention, this stand is ideal; the fast, simple assembly means the stand is ready to go whenever necessary, and the design simply features all the benefits of a regular banner stand, but at a super-size.