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The Twist Banner has been around for several years now and since it’s inception, has proved to become a mainstream offering from many exhibition stand resellers rather than the exclusive product that it once was.

The overall success Twist Banners have achieved is in-part down to the unique patented design that has so far had no serious competition from other comparable portable exhibition display products.

The Twist Stand differs from the majority of stand-alone banner type displays in the respect that it can be linked together to create much larger backwall displays without unsightly gaps in-between each section. This is achieved by using a magnetic strip down the rear edge of each Twist Banner graphic over which an equivalent magnetic channel bar is placed. The principle itself is no different than that of the regular pop up stand other than the mag bar is free-floating rather than being anchored to a framework.

One of the patented features employed on Twist Banners is the tensioning system. Most roller banners are tensioned from top to bottom with a spring at the base that pulls a downward force, most non-roller banner stands are tensioned using either bendy supporting rods or a telescopic pole. Twist Banners use a fixed top rail with a perpendicular bendy rod that is pulled into an arc-shape over the rear support pole. The tensioning rod does a good job of pulling the Twist Stand graphic taught whilst allowing for a rocking motion designed to compensate for irregularities in the floor.

Twist Stands are supplied generally with soft bags and a tube bag for the storage of the graphic. There is also an optional hard, wheeled case which can accommodate two stands at the same time. The optional wheeled case for Twist Banners can also be converted into a podium by means of adding a graphic wrap-around panel and a table top lid.

Twist Banners are a great product for those customers who would like to create a larger display backwall but would like the flexibility of a display that can be broken-down into smaller, more manageable sections for future use. In fact, it is possible for two Twist Banner graphics to be hung back-to-back on one single frame in order to create a double sided Twist Stand.

Cost-wise, the Twist Stand is never going to compete with an economy or budget display for two reasons. Firstly because so far the stand has no competing products, prices from the manufacturer have remained stable whereas prices for generic roller banner displays have tumbled dramatically due to competition and lower cost imported products. Secondly, the graphics for Twist Stands have to be printed onto a heavyweight material to cope with the manual rolling/unrolling and handling which in-turn increases costs.

There have been few negative comments regarding Twist Banners from customers other than some clients do not like the exposed tensioned rod at the top of the graphic and the relative bulkiness and weight of each stand can be restrictive if larger walls are being created.

If you would like any more information about Twist Banner Stands our sales team would be happy to help. We also offer a free CAD design service whereby we can create a virtual model using Twist Stands to fill your display area!