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Shell Clad

Shell Clad is a simple, yet ingenious way of attaching graphic panels to an exhibition Shell Scheme back-wall.

For anyone booking floor space at a conference centre, a Shell Scheme can usually be provided by the event organiser or is in many cases supplied as standard with the floor space when you book your stand. An exhibition shell scheme is essentially a series of aluminium uprights with rigid panels sitting in-between them. The Shell Scheme creates a wall structure around the edge of your exhibition stand area which you can attach your own posters or panels.

The problem with exhibition Shell Scheme systems is that the aluminium uprights stand proud of the wall panels. This causes problems for those who want to create a large seamless back wall display rather than having a series of posters separated by the aluminium Shell Scheme Uprights.

Shell Clad solves this problem very simply. The Shell Clad fixings are designed so that they slide into the pre-existing Shell Scheme aluminium framework in order to create a stand-off onto which rollable printed panels can be fastened. As the Shell Clad fixings enable the graphics to stand clear of the aluminium uprights, multiple panels can be produced which sit edge-to-edge thus giving the appearance of a continuous wall display.

Panels for the Shell Clad system can be produced using either rollable heavyweight material (for convenient storage and transport) or alternatively, we can print directly onto rigid PVC board. The printed display panels fix to the shell clad fixings using velcro which comes pre-applied and so you can create your Shell Clad exhibition display without the help of a stand building team in a relatively short space of time.

There are several types of Shell Scheme that are commonly used in the UK as listed below. There are two types of Shell Clad adapter available and to make selecting the correct type of fixing simple, they are colour-coded. Be sure to order the correct type of fixings for your Shell Scheme. If in doubt you should contact the event organiser to confirm the type of Shell Scheme you will be provided with.

COMPATABILITY (BLACK) – Burkhardt Leitner, Crea8, Maima M1000, Maxima, Meroform, Normex, Octanorm, Pion (no locking facility), Quad 4, R8, Syma 408 and all Octanorm derivatives

COMPATABILITY (BLUE) – Agem, Aluset, Click (with adaptor, call for details), Ford+Barley, Linx, Modul, Nimlok, Nomadic Design Line, Sodem, Syma Molto 30/90 and Unibox


The Shell Clad Exhibition Stand Shell Scheme system is now available to buy at our website

For any queries regarding Shell Clad, please do not hesitate to call and one of our team will be happy to help.