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Tips To Engage the Audience In Event Spaces

The trade exhibition industry is an industry predicated on statistics such as visitor numbers and square metres per exhibit. But anyone who has ever taken a display to an exhibition knows that the only way to define the success of an event is through the number of potentially profitable meetings gained as a result of the display. Engaging with prospective customers, clients or partners in the most positive way is the only way to gain real results, and when profit is being made, the visitor numbers and square metres allocated start to fade into irrelevance. In order to make an event space as engaging as possible and attract the right audience, there are a number of rules which should be taken into account:

Define aims and work to them – It is important for those designing exhibition stands to an event to understand what they want to get out of it beforehand. Creating an exhibition space that is tailor-made and dedicated to meeting the goals of the company is paramount. If the purpose of the event is to attract brand new customers, who have basic knowledge of the industry and are not familiar with the brand, it is important not to bombard them with figures and statistics, but attract them with simple offers and a friendly ethos. Conversely, if the event is a trade show full of experts and other competing businesses, going into detail and asserting why your business is the right choice is the strongest approach.

Reflect the event – If the event is a formal gathering of industry experts and potential business partners, it is important to accurately reflect this in the display. Formally dressed staff armed with plenty of information and a state-of-the-art display designed to be informative will fare well. For a more informal event, a flashy or fun display such as a selection of giant banner stands or selection of bright roller banner stands can help to spread the word and create a friendly atmosphere when coupled with approachable staff.

Make it memorable – There are a number of ways to stand out from the crowd at events where everyone is competing for the limelight. Incorporating technology into a banner stand is a great way to get people talking; touch screens are widely available for this purpose, and delegates could participate in a public vote for their favourite product from the brand, or sign up for mailing lists of their own accord. A short video on an impressive plasma screen can have a great impact, and providing literature in the form of flyers or business cards for the potential customers to take with them will go a long way in securing follow-ups and future business.