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Attract Big Brand Names At Exhibitions This Autumn

Autumn Fair International, which takes place annually at the NEC in Birmingham, has reported a 28% increase in attendance from all of the big-name, big-budget retailers this year. The event, which took place on the 2nd – 5th September, saw huge increases in retailers such as Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, John Lewis and Selfridges attending. Louise Young, divisional director of the Autumn Fair International show, has said that these ‘echoes of optimism’ reflect confidence in the future for these companies, who are defying the status quo and trying to develop new ways of staying ahead of the curve. Rather than sitting in boardrooms and trying to establish what products their customers and competitors might be interested in, they are attending exhibitions to get a better idea for themselves.

Presenting a display at such events, with representatives from these huge, international brand names in attendance, can be a daunting prospect for many businesses. But there is a huge market at these events and huge contracts with these big names can be cemented. Even when the big names aren’t in attendance, the public attendance figures are something to be encouraged by: last year, the show attracted just over 32,000 people, with figures this year expected to reach similar heights. With such big names milling around in the crowds, looking for exciting new products or services on which to take a chance on, it is vital for businesses to be on their game. Investing in the highest quality exhibition stands and creating a display that truly showcases the very best aspects of a business is the key to standing out in a crowd of competing businesses.

There are two ways in which to make an impact at these events, and the first one is by dominating the allocated space. Giant banner stands are a wonderful way to do this; their imposing frames are eye-catching and striking, whilst their high-quality graphics can be seen and read from the other side of a busy room. Up to 2 metres wide, they are a cost-effective way to ensure that a display will stand head and shoulders above the competition (literally).

The other way in which impact is assured is by integrating technology into a banner stand. This has become an increasingly popular way to interact with potential customers and clients at trade shows and exhibitions, and by incorporating a screen into a stand, there is always something for exhibition attendees to be reading, watching or listening to while they peruse the products and services on offer. Increasingly important in this day and age, showing an affinity with technology and integrating it seamlessly into a display is sure to impress big brand names as well as the everyday customers that form the foundations of many client bases.

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