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Tips To Engage the Audience In Event Spaces

A leading exhibition stand supplier for a range of industries is urging businesses to improve audience engagement in the events leading up to Christmas. Printdesigns supplies banner stands and other exhibition solutions to a huge number of businesses, and the advice from the experts is to use exhibitions and trade shows as a way to boost brand and consumer engagement.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns, says, “The whole trade show industry is predicated entirely on statistics that barely mean a thing in real terms: visitor numbers, square metre exhibition spaces and how many flyers were handed out on the day. The only way to really define the success of an event is to measure the engagement that took place between a brand and a consumer. Through high-quality graphics, beautiful banner stands and a sales team that understand their role perfectly, brand engagement can be made much easier at every trade show, and it is important to learn how to engage the audience in this vital run-up to the Christmas season.”

When designing the banner stands to take to an exhibition or trade event, it is vital to come up with a number of predefined aims that you are working towards. Whether trying to attract new customers, trying to educate people about the benefits of a certain service or trying to get an existing market of customers to try out new products, it is important to design a stand that will help achieve this goal.

Getting the feel of the event right is also important to engaging the audience effectively. Some events are more formal, with sales stuff in suits and a plethora of extensive literature for attendees to read. Some are more casual, designed to be informative, engaging and with an element of fun. Getting the tone right is essential for roller banner stand design; the more formal events will need neutral colours and informative text, whilst the casual trade shows will benefit from flashy colours, contemporary designs and the basic information that potential clients would need.

It is also important to implement technology into these stands; the advanced in modern technology have meant that many stands can incorporate televisions and touch screens into their banner stands, and these are great for increasing engagement. Ask visitors to fill out a survey on a touch-screen or watch a short informational video on a television and see how much more engaged they are with the brand and the company as a whole. This level of engagement is promising and will go a long way in securing follow-up business and future enquiries off the back of the event itself.