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First Impressions: What Will You Banner Stand Say?

Businesses get approximately seven seconds to make an impression on their clients at trade show and in promotional environments, says Forbes magazine. We also make eleven major decisions about people when we first meet them, and especially in an exhibition environment, where judging and making your mind up about a product or service is the entire point of the event. The old saying goes that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so it is crucial for those designing banner stands for trade shows that their printed graphics immediately exude the image and branding that they business wants.

 Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns, a leading UK supplier of banner stands for a variety of purposes, says, “It is crucial for a business to know how their exhibition materials and their team of staff reflect on the company as a whole, because they will never again get that chance to make a great first impression on a potentially huge client. The graphics must be on point, the brand message must be clear, and the marketing department must have chosen stands which fit in with the business’ ethos to ensure that when important decision-makers stroll by, they see the very best side of an organisation.”

For those who want to project an image of having huge ambition and an important message to convey to their audience, a giant banner stand is the perfect choice. The companies who use these types of stands are not the type to reside in the corner while their competitors steal sales and clients; they are often leaders in their own markets, and they will do anything to stand out and attract new custom in a veritable sea of competitive businesses. Imposing and majestic, giant banner stands are a great way to give a stand an impressive and powerful aura.

If a company is less inclined towards powerful, all-encompassing promotion, and more focused on sustainable business, as many organisations are nowadays, there could be no better way to reflect their company’s mantra than with a bamboo banner stand. Made from sustainable materials and giving an aesthetically pleasing look without harming the environment, the bamboo banner stand will bring in people who care about ethical trade, sourcing local goods and implemented eco-friendly practices.

Then there are the banner stands which are at the lower end of the price range. Far from making a customer think the company was ‘cheap’ or reluctant to spend much money on marketing, using savvy budget-friendly banner stands is a sign that a company knows how to handle their finances and isn’t like to be frivolous with profits. Many of the cheaper banner stands on the market nowadays are made from extremely hardwearing and durable materials, and the textiles used for the printed graphics can often not be told apart from their more expensive counterparts, making these types of stands ideal for businesses which want to look like they can compete alongside the big hitters in their industry without spending a fortune.