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The Printdesigns Guide to Dye Sublimation Printing

We are always telling our customers about our range of fabric display systems because we firmly believe that there are numerous benefits when compared to old pop up stands that use heavy, fragile graphic panels.

All of our fabric displays are printed using a dye sublimation process for the best possible printed results. We thought that we should take the time to explain more about the process given that many customers are unfamiliar with the benefits it provides when compared to other methods of printing.

There is a buzz around the term ‘dye sublimation’ printing in the exhibition and events industry and for a good reason!

The science behind dye sublimation printing involves the chemical process of sublimation which is where a solid turns directly into a gas without going through the liquid stage. What does that mean exactly…

After printing, the dry ink is heated between 180-200 degrees Celsius which turns the dye particles into vapour. This process involves feeding the print through a large set of heated rollers called a rotary heat press. When the ink particles cool and turn back into a solid, they become one with any polymer molecules present in the fabric and are therefore ‘fixed’.

Dye sublimation ink can be printed either directly to the material (fabric) or onto transfer paper which is then heated against to the fabric through the heat-press in order to transfer the image. We use one method or the other to achieve the best printed result dependent on the type of fabric we are using.

Our Fabri-Vu printer is capable of the highest quality dye sublimation fabric graphics


Dye sublimation printing comes into it’s own when producing fabric graphics because colours and vibrancy are far superior to other methods of fabric printing that involve printing ink that sits on the surface of the material where it could get scratched or cracked.

Our fabric graphics can be folded for convenient transport without permanently damaging them. Fabric display graphics can even be washed should they become marked or dirty in use.

We offer a wide range of portable display frameworks that are specifically designed for use with fabric. Why not visit our web store to view the huge range of Fabric Display Stands on offer or why not visit us in person to view our in-house printing and finishing facilities for yourself.