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The Difference Between Magnetic and Cross Braced Pop Up Stands

All Pop Up Stands work by using a framework that is constructed from lightweight aluminium tubing. The framework is collapsible and in it’s folded-down state can be moved around, usually in a wheeled pop up case.

To assemble a pop up stand, the frame is simply pulled upwards and outwards, which expands the backwall into it’s upright position. The assembly of a pop up frame takes only minutes regardless of the model.

There are two main types of pop up stands on the market:

Magnetic pop up stands like our quick fix and express pop up stands – These are the type offered by most suppliers as they are cheaper. Magnetic locking stands work by using locking arms to hold the frame in it’s upright position when you open it. If you imagine the structure of a magnetic pop up stand is made form several ‘boxes’, the centre of each box section is empty. On a stand like our 3×3, there are 3 boxes on the width and 3 boxes on the height (so 9 boxes in total make up the frame)

Cross Braced pop up stands are generally considered to be superior to the cheaper magnetic locking frames as they are more rigid when assembled. Cross braced frames use 2 additional tube sections in each corner of every box section that converge into the centre of the box where they connect to an extra central hub. The 8 sections of extra tubing in each box section add up to 72 extra sections of tubing on a stand of 3×3 size.

Below are two pictures, the red frame is magnetic. You can see how each box section has no extra tubing.

There are a few benefits with a cross braced frame as follows:-

1. Frames are self locking – there are no locking arms that can be snapped off
2. Frames are taller – 2382mm graphic height rather than 2225mm graphic height
3. Frames have less depth so when you push the frame up to a wall, less floor space is eaten up by the frame
4. The extra tube sections make the frame much stiffer when assembled. If you are using the stand on uneven floor whereby the frame could be twisted the panel fit of the graphics could be poor. A cross braced frame being stiffer will be less likely to twist leading to poor panel fit in such circumstances.

If you need some assistance regarding which pop up stands are best for you, why not call and speak to one of our team who can help.

You can also visit our pop up stands page on our website for more details.



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