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Stay Below Budget and Avoid Personal Recession with Printdesigns

Reports have demonstrated that the UK economy shrank by 0.3% in the last three months of 2012, with a dip in manufacturing output to blame for the fall. The prospect that the country might drop back into recession for a third time in recent years is now very real, as the figures were much worse than expected among economics experts. Despite even the help of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, 2012 saw growth come to a standstill, making it even more important for businesses to make the most of budgets which are constantly in danger of being cut. Printdesigns is a UK supplier of exhibition stands with budget solutions which can help all businesses to promote their services and products without breaking the bank and dipping into a recession of their own.

All products from Printdesigns are quick and easy to assemble whilst retaining a hardwearing sturdiness which will see them last through countless conferences, trade fairs and special events. The construction of the stands ensures their steadiness; aluminium is used to guarantee that they won’t topple over at the very moment of concluding a deal, and they have an attractive finish which does not detract from the graphic it displays. The use of aluminium might give an impression of the stands being heavy or cumbersome, whereas the budget banner stands available are light and easy to transport from place to place; perfect for travelling displays and roadshows. Also, just because the banner stands are in the budget range, doesn’t mean that they don’t come with a range of accessories which will keep them in prime condition. They are supplied with carry bags for maximum portability and to keep the stands and the corresponding graphics safe in transit.

Falling under the ‘budget’ umbrella also doesn’t mean that the stands will be smaller or any less noticeable. A giant banner stand is available for less than £200, creating an imposing wall (2m x 2m) with a full-size logo or a wealth of information ready for clients or partners to consume. All graphics are included with banner stands from Printdesigns, with of the stands even offering extra value for money with a double-sided option.  Prints are photographic quality, and are provided on durable block out material which will make the graphic visible and striking even in adverse conditions.

The budget exhibition stands available from Printdesigns offer a wealth of options for those businesses attempting to come in under budget this year. Height and width can be varied, as well as the frame and the graphics, to ensure a wide choice for businesses and the most prominent and striking displays for less.