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Simple marketing tips for SMEs in 2017

1 A successful business is constantly analysing and refreshing their approach, taking note of industry and market trends and updating their strategy accordingly. For SMEs this frequent reflection is even more important and integral to continued growth, and it is necessary to have a ‘finger on the pulse’ of your market to stay appropriate to your customers. Even if this is something you don’t do regularly, there is no better time to update your businesses marketing strategy then at the start of the New Year. To help, here are some simple marketing tips for SMEs in 2017:

Reach out to your local or industry press

It can be easy to assume that, just because you are not a large ‘blue chip’ organisation then press won’t be interested in publishing your stories. However, with the right angle any business of any size can release newsworthy content. With important announcements or an interesting story, newspapers and magazines in your local area will be willing to support your company with press coverage. Alternatively, getting in touch with the editor of the trade publications in your specific industry is a great way to learn more about the kind of articles they are after, so you can start creating content that journalists desire.

Join the conversation online

It’s common knowledge that in today’s digitally focussed world a business must have an online presence, but in order to ramp up your marketing efforts then it is important to streamline your digital and social media strategy. Identify online forums were your customers may go to for advice and start contributing to groups on professional websites such as LinkedIn to get your businesses name known by your potential consumers. As well as raising your profile, you can quickly become a leading expert of your specific area, helping not only to gain customers, but to build loyalty and trust too.

Start a blog

As well as contributing to relevant discussion, starting a blog is another great way to prove your expertise within your industry. Learn the queries and pain points of your customers, and use your new online portal to show exactly how your business can help.

Upgrade your exhibition stands

As well as streamlining your digital presence, physical marketing methods such as trade shows, meetings and conferences shouldn’t be overlooked. (We wrote a blog post explaining why). Do a review of your exhibition stands such as roller banners, posters and more in the New Year to ensure that your marketing message is coherent with the way your business is moving, and that your display stand solutions look fresh, vibrant and professional.

If, after going through your current exhibition stands you feel like you need to upgrade your current displays, browse our solutions online to find the perfect one for you.