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Printdesigns Supports the Buy British Trend

Buy BritishAs globalisation continues to spread its wings, the ‘Buy British’ revolution is rapidly gaining momentum. Digital printing and portable displays company Printdesigns wholeheartedly backs the trend and is calling for more consumers and businesses to get involved with the ‘Buy British’ revolution.

As well as signifying premium quality produce, a ‘Made in the UK’ label helps to boost the national economy, create more jobs, build a sense of national identity and fortify Britain’s reputation as a global economic force.

Printdesigns Co-Founder Mark Thompson said, “Supporting the ‘Buy British’ movement is incredibly important and applies to every sector. While it can be tempting to opt for cheaper international suppliers, at the end of the day buying British supports the national economy, creates jobs and helps businesses build a reputation for quality. It’s a movement that’s 100% worth investing in and we’re committed to supporting it every step of the way We’re happy to say we’re one of the only companies in this industry which doesn’t outsource any of our work overseas.”

The national support for British produce was fiercely demonstrated when consumers recently campaigned against the price wars waged on UK farmers. With supermarkets importing cheaper milk from overseas, UK dairy farmers were at risk of being driven out of business. In an act of defiance, Brits pledged their support for home-grown produce, maintaining that they are prepared to pay more in order to support the national dairy sector.

With all designs developed in the UK, and all products manufactured on British shores, Printdesigns is a prime example of a business that supports the ‘Buy British’ movement. By keeping operations in the UK, Printdesigns is actively supporting the British exhibition industry and its suppliers. In its Stafford-based warehouse the company provides 15 jobs to skilled graphic designers, seamstresses and customer service staff and the team is forecast to grow in the next year.

As well as supporting the UK economy, designing and manufacturing its digital printing and portable presentations solutions in the UK gives Printdesigns products the quality seal of approval. From banner stands and pop-up kits to linear displays and teardrop flags, customers enjoy the total peace of mind that they’re investing in a premium quality, British made product.

With competitive prices across the entire range of Printdesigns solutions, the business proves that supporting the ‘Buy British’ campaign doesn’t have to cost more. By heavily investing in the latest state-of-the-art equipment, bulk buying materials and operating an independent warehouse, Printdesigns is able to significantly lower the cost of production and pass these savings onto its customers.

Since it unfurled its first banner back in 1999, Printdesigns has been upholding its commitment to buying British. This economic patriotism has won it the support of copious British brands, from British Airways to the BBC.