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Printdesigns Helps Exhibitors Stand Out Abroad As International Exhibitions Come a-Calling

TEXStyle Curved Display StandStanding out on home turf is one matter but standing out abroad requires fresh considerations. The UAE is establishing itself as a staunch frontrunner and international business hub with the highly heralded Dubai World Trade Centre hosting a myriad of world class events, exhibitions and trade shows. Global superpower China is also set to launch a new exhibition hall built to house millions in 2015. The future of exhibitions is extending abroad meaning that businesses looking to build thriving, global fan bases should capitalise on the trend by preparing to set their sights further afield.

As one of the industry’s best placed exhibition experts, Printdesigns is urging companies and organisations looking to exhibit in Dubai, China and elsewhere to consider eye catching alternative stands that are portable, durable and hardwearing as well as aesthetically pleasing to beat competitors. As the world’s exhibition industry becomes a global market, businesses are advised to branch out and consider cultural implications when marketing their wares.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns said, “Most people exhibit within their own country and although it’s essential to purchase an eye-catching, resilient stand regardless of where you are exhibiting, exhibiting abroad poses fresh challenges. It’s important to consider lightweight stands that are effortless to transport and store as you fly without incurring any damage. Exhibitions in China house so many more attendees that the foreign factor is not enough – you need to invest in a stand that screams out.

“It’s also essential to adapt to the customs of the culture you are visiting. Focus on what makes you and your company different; research the competition, adopt a warm, hospitable approach, learn a few essential words and phrases of the local lingo, check what else is going on in the area at the time and offer freebies to take home to help people familiarise themselves with your brand and products.”

The assortment of TEXStyle fabric stands are currently on offer on the Printdesigns website at discounted prices and provide a lightweight, easily transportable alternative to more solid models making them the ideal flight companion. LED display stand floodlights add immediate illumination to catch the eyes of attendees whilst feather, shimmer and teardrop flags add a quirky point of interest to lure in potential clients.

Mark added, “The same rules apply exhibiting overseas. You want to stand out, you want a stand that looks professional and won’t fall apart. You want to generate as much business as possible with a welcoming approach. Exhibitions abroad are a great opportunity to expand into an exciting new market with a whole range of new prospective clients at your disposal which is why it’s important to get it right and have fun.”