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Call for Businesses to Prepare for Busiest Time of Year

Festive Period SalesThe hectic festive season is steadily drawing near, with Christmas menus on full display in eating establishments and those Christmas aisles at the supermarket stealthily expanding.  For businesses all across the western world, Christmas is indeed the busiest time of the year; it’s estimated that 20% of annual sales are made in December, with toy retailers taking an incredible 50%-60% in the holiday period.  As the critical and impending Christmas season gets underway, Printdesigns is urging companies of all sectors and markets to make their festive preparations in order to reap the benefits.


Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns, “Everyone knows the festive period holds potential for massive profits, but only smart businesses fully utilise the holiday’s selling power.  It may be obvious for retailers and hospitality businesses, who will receive an increase in business naturally, but other types of organisations can also take advantage.  For example, wedding suppliers should seek to exhibit at this time of year as couples tying the knot in 2015 will no doubt want everything organised before the end of the year.”


Plenty of other industries also see a rise in business, from service providers such as hairdressers, beauty salons and child-minders to corporate organisations who have chosen to extend their working hours.  As Christmas approaches, many businesses open their doors for longer to allow for all the extra shopping, organising, prepping and ritual visits to family and friends throughout the season.  Retailers and other companies are in heavy competition throughout the festive period, meaning brand marketing and advertising has to be on top form.


To grab attention on the high street, Printdesigns offer a range of sturdy banners such as A boards, pop up banners and feather and teardrop flags.  The outdoor range is also perfect for the abundance of Christmas European markets which will pop up all over the UK from November onwards.  The printing experts also supply a wide range of retail displays and stands specifically for busy public stores, to turn the heads of the flustered shopping public.


For companies with upcoming exhibitions – Christmas related or not – Printdesigns is the supplier to turn to for high quality, value exhibition stands and displays.  As frontrunners in the portable presentation solutions and display stands, Printdesigns always stay ahead of the market trends and take pride in offering the best value for money in the UK.  They are one of the few companies in the country who can design, print and finish the revolutionary fabric exhibition stand in-house without outsourcing any of the work.


Mark adds, “Extra advertising at this time of year goes a long way – but of course it’s not just about the type of display stand, the graphics are equally as important.  We excel in both areas, and Heather our graphic designer is always on hand offering expert, tailored advice for our customers.”