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How to Make the Most of a Small Exhibition Stand or Booth

solus-promotional-counter-single-unitTake it from the experts – size isn’t everything! In fact, sometimes a large amount of exhibition space can be a disadvantage, as filling the floor space is costly and time consuming. Plus, a small booth always looks busy and makes people wonder what is so exciting!

The word small usually has a negative connotation, but when it comes to exhibitions you’d be wrong to underestimate the small guys. They are not less powerful or less effective than larger stands – it just comes down to knowing how to work your smaller space. Here’s a few top tips from the graphic design experts at Printdesigns:

Use Lighting

What’s the use in amazing graphics and decoration around the booth if it can’t be seen? Trade show venues are notoriously dark and dreary, so make sure you really get seen. Some lighting also helps to attract attention or create a certain mood at your booth. Get experimenting, even if it’s with battery powered twinkle fairy lights. Otherwise you can go ultra-professional and choose an illuminated graphic pod.

Get Visual

There’s no better way to engage people than with visuals and interactive videos. Display images of your products or services, or make a collage of past clients and past work. Of course if possible, videos are even better as they give an even better picture of what you can do for your clients. With iPads and other low cost devices available, it is quite easy to display videos at a smaller stand.

Size Everything Appropriately

If you have a small stand, it is vital you size all your other marketing materials and display components match the size of it. Otherwise, the too-large items will dwarf your stand and make it appear even smaller than it actually is. Perhaps your booth just allows room for a table and a rack of clothing – in that case put everything you need on the table, such as mini versions of literature holders and desktop display stands.

Be Sure on Your Graphics

With less space comes less room for error- you will likely only have the space for one display stand and one poster for example. This means choosing wisely when selecting the graphics and wording that needs to be on display. Keeping slogans short and sweet and logos clear and simple is the best decision.

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