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How to Design a Business Card

Man's hand showing business card

Man’s hand showing business card

Here at Printdesigns we’re experts in printing, especially for business projects. That’s why we thought we’d share our industry secrets on what makes a

good business card – one of the most important things your company will have in print. While we are moving to a more digital world, the business card is definitely not dead, and can be a crucial tool in networking to get people to remember you.

Here are our top tips for business card design:

  • Make it relevant

Don’t just choose a standard template and think that will do the trick. Important business professionals receive hundreds of business cards, so how can you make yours stand out from the crowd?

The most vital thing is to make the design relevant to your brand. What do you stand for, what are you trying to promote? This is how you express yourself to other people, so make sure it gives off the right impression.

  • Be creative

As well as being completely relevant to your business and portraying the right message, you should be creative with your design. Think of something totally unique, so it’s not only appropriate but memorable, too. Think about the imagery on your business cards, could you create a pun on your business name? Also forget the traditional shape of a business card and go your own way – why not have holes cut out for people to stick their fingers through and create a picture? Be different and stand out!

  • Triple check the artwork


There’s nothing worse than having the perfect design and when coming back from the printers, half of it is cut off. This is just one example of something which could go dreadfully wrong after sending off the wrong artwork. Make sure you check all the technical details for the printing, but also go over all the text too – a type on a business card is pretty much unforgiveable.

  • Choose a good typeface

What use is it to display all your contact details and essential information, if it is ugly and hard to read? Keep the fonts clear and simple, and people will be much more inclined to type out your web address. Simplicity is also key for your logo, if you are designing that around the same time as the business card.

  • Keep it muted

When it comes to choosing the colours on your business card, it’s best to stick to two or three maximum. Once again this all comes down to keeping it simple, as making patterns and text too complicated can seriously put off the recipient of your business card.

Do you have any more tips for designing a business card? Let us know!