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How Printed Resources Can Help Online Businesses

3x3 sodem shell schemeThe world is becoming increasingly digitalised, with the retail industry undergoing mass transformation over the past decade. While e-marketing is an essential part of online success, Printdesigns is also urging businesses not to ignore the power of printed resources. The UK’s leading provider of digital printing and portable presentation solutions asserts that blending both digital and print content is the key to creating marketing campaigns that make an impact.

Printdesigns Co-Founder Mark Thompson said, “We are fully aware that we now live in a digital age, however that’s not to say that print media has been rendered irrelevant. In fact, we’d say the opposite. In a time when people consume via digital channels up keeping a dynamic and high impact physical presence is more important than ever.”

Despite the emergence of the online economy, Printdesigns is adamant that tactile experiences still retain their relevance. Using sight, touch and smell, print media engages more of the senses than its digital counterpart. This allows businesses to give consumers tangible memories to associate with their brand.

Transferring branding into print form forces online businesses to create aesthetically appealing logos that translate well to both monitors and paper. Print also helps to build credibility through the consistent displaying of logos, taglines and colour schemes. Not to mention the role printed content plays in making online businesses seem more personable. Simply seeing an online business showcasing a physical presence at an exhibition, trade show or pop-up stand will immediately instil a sense of authenticity, professionalism and credibility.

Any business wanting to get ahead of the competition should consider exhibiting at trade shows held throughout the year. Such events are an invaluable opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals, strengthen brand image, secure new leads and more. Of course, presentation is everything and for online businesses wanting to create exhibits that turn heads, Printdesigns is ready to deliver. The company is helping online businesses leverage the power of printed resources with its extensive range of premium quality, wide format, fully customisable display stand solutions.

With a huge range of exhibition stands in a myriad of sizes, colours and prices, there’s something for every online business. From banner stands, linear displays, folding panel kits, outdoor boards, posters, pallet skirts and more, Printdesigns is a one stop shop for a comprehensive range of exhibiting needs. The company even offers a custom promo product manufacturing service for businesses that want to keep the buzz alive long after trade show doors have swung shut. All orders are printed on ultra-high quality materials using state-of-the-art machinery.