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How does your body talk at a trade show?

maxresdefault When you are attending a trade show or exhibition, you want it to be as successful as possible by strengthening your brand image and most importantly, gaining important contacts and leads who can be critical to the future of your business. Of course, ensuring you have a great design printed onto high quality pop up display stands or roller banners can be a fantastic first step towards making your mark on the show you are attending, but another crucial factor lies with you, or the staff you choose to man your exhibition stand.

In everyday life, body language can help humans to interact and understand each other. The power of these subconscious messages communicated by body language is accelerated in the business world. In an age where digital meetings are the norm, a trade show provides a rare chance for face-to-face human interaction. In order to portray the right message for your business, and make the most of this central marketing opportunity, read on for some simple tips on how to utilise your body language when facing potential clients or networking at a trade show.

Focus, but don’t intimidate

When you are working on an exhibition stand, you may have some pre-defined names of leads who you must network with that day. With so much pressure however, you may be making so much effort to talk to them that rather than seem approachable, you become intimidating to talk to! Make those important business contacts feel welcome by involving them in conversation, but stand slightly to the side of them to encourage others to join too, and to avoid your contact feeling trapped.

The power of the palms

As well as being aware of your own body language, it is helpful to gain an understanding of how to read the gestures of other too, in order to inform decision-making. When entering a potentially tricky discussion, be aware of how the person you are speaking to is acting with their hands. Palms facing up indicate that they are open to negotiation, and are inviting you to talk further. However, if the palms are facing down then they are closing themselves off from you – if this is the case then leave the negotiations where they are, and pick it up again at a later date to avoid any negative feelings.

Speaking speed

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have others believing their every word? Mastering the art of speaking in the right speed and tone of voice can be an effective way to motivate those who you are talking to. Give off a charismatic energy on your exhibition stand, rather than speaking too slow and causing those who visit your stand to lose interest in you, and as such, your business too.