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Formula for Successful Exhibition Revealed

cheap pop up standsOne of the exhibition industry’s expert businesses Printdesigns is revealing the proven formula for a successful exhibition.  Designed to help companies large and small as well as freelancers and entrepreneurs, the guide of step-by-step secret ingredients is all part of the free advice offered by the printing and graphics gurus, with no obligation to buy.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director at Printdesigns said, “We are renowned for our customer service and free, friendly advice, which is why we can proudly say we only have 4 and 5 star reviews on Google+.  We offer our expertise to anyone enquiring with us, and unlike other printing companies which try to constantly upsell, we never recommend any products which are unsuitable or unnecessary for the business requirements. We also give more general advice for exhibitions and trade shows which is where many of our products are used, which is why we have released this comprehensive guide for exhibitors.”

The exhibition and events industry is thriving, with more opportunities arising all the time for exhibitors; but it’s important to make good use of each event and make it worth the effort and expense.  Businesses need to prepare well for each exhibition and ensure they have the four vital ingredients for a smashing-the-sales-target event.

First and most importantly, the overall appearance of the booth is the element which is going to draw visitors to the business and reel them in.  With so much competitions at these events, visitors are swamped with choice so stand out from the crowd and give them a reason to stop at your stall.  Go the extra mile with the partitions if you’re given them – cover them with bright sheets or marketing material.  Next, it’s all about the style of pop-up stand brandishing the business logo and clearly explaining the ethos of the company.  Choose something unique and modern such as a fabric or curved exhibition stand, which will make people look twice at your booth.

To really grab attention, exhibitors need to use the pull of the freebie – let people try your products there and then, or chances are they won’t be willing to buy.  If you offer a service or a product which can’t be given out at an event, then make up your own little goodie bag, with branded pens and edible delights.  Nearly all exhibitors at events give out freebies these days, so if you don’t offer anything you risk being forced out of the competition.

Additionally it is a good idea to implement a ‘1 day only offer.’  Visitors at exhibitions get overwhelmed, and when they go home they may not remember every business they were interested in.  This is a company’s one and only chance to interact face-to-face with leads and convert them into sales.  The one day offer is a sure fire way to do this, as long as it an offer too good to miss, as impulse buyers will flock to these booths hungry for a bargain.

Mark added, “Last but not least, it’s all about the talk.  Businesses should deploy their best sales individuals at exhibitions, who can answer any questions about the product and company and confidently close the sale.  The key is not to intimidate with a sales pitch, but talking to people and understanding their individual needs before cleverly explaining how your company meets them.”

By following those four simple steps from Printdesigns – mastering the look with an eye-catching banner stand and booth, offering a timely deal, giving away freebies and knowing the sales spiel – businesses can reap the rewards of exhibiting.