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Exhibiting on a Shoestring: What Makes a Successful Exhibition?

When it comes to expos and trade shows, success really isn’t determined by your budget. We’ve seen very small businesses run by one person have an attractive stand which has engaged lots of potential customers from their target market. So don’t fret if you’re exhibiting on a shoestring – it is possible to own this upcoming event!

Read on for some insider tips into making your stand a success without excessive spending.

Look for discounts

Exhibiting on a shoestring, Some event organisers may offer discounts for small to medium businesses, or offer cheaper options for smaller stands or reduce the fee if you’re bringing in less staff than most. Always ask – you have nothing to lose! Most companies have budget options so with everything you’re buying for your exhibition, from the display stands to the branded T-shirts, double check if they have a budget option or special offers.


Why pay somebody else to do a job you can easily do yourself? Whether it’s printing flyers and business cards or sourcing interesting décor for your stand, there are many aspects you can DIY and save money on.

It’s all about the people

As long as your stand is in the right place for your audience and you’ve thought about how to attract the right type of customer for your brand, you will have plenty of opportunities to connect and engage with your audience. This is the most important part of an exhibition – and it doesn’t cost a thing! To be successful you really need to ask lots of questions, be friendly and try and promote your products in a way that isn’t pushy. Always ask for contact details for the follow up, even if they seem in a rush or not that interested – they may just feel overwhelmed. If you’ll be employing other staff on your stand, make sure they are the right kind of person to represent your company.

Measure and follow up

The only way to guage whether the exhibition was a success is to measure the effects. This isn’t just looking for a rapid increase in sales the day after – it can be a slow process. Have you increased the traffic to your website, or gained a hundred more social media followers? People will be at different stages of the buying process and therefore small wins like this could result in future sales. Never forget to follow up with the people you spoke to on the day – those leads are precious and you spent a lot of money finding them, so don’t waste them!

Do you have any tips for a successful exhibition? Let us know!