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As Exhibition Stands Evolve, Exhibitors Can Easily Make an Impact

texstyle-surge-fabric-banner-stand (1)The booming exhibition industry is ever evolving, thanks to innovation and technology which is embraced by many exhibitors and event organisers.  Trade events and exhibitions have already changed drastically over the past decade, with the invention of social media marketing, big data and various ways of capturing data and analysing results for constant improvements.

The way we exhibit has also developed, with brand new materials and manufacturing advancements contributing to more eco-friendly, sustainable and functional display stands.  Printdesigns has been the forerunner in evolving the traditional exhibition stand, by creating a brand new range of fabric based displays called the TEXstyle collection.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director at Printdesigns said, “We proudly launched our fabric pop-up stands over the summer and they are proving hugely popular as exhibitors gradually realise the many benefits of a textile stand. The way these display stands are printed and put together is completely different than using conventional materials such as PVC, and we design and manufacture the range totally in-house, unlike our competitors. The TEXstyle range also stands out from other portable displays, giving exhibitors an extra advantage.”

The advantages of choosing a textile based display stand are endless, from aesthetic features to practical benefits.  As the graphics are printed onto fabric, it can be easily folded without damaging the stand – it’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to transport to events. The printed piece of material is produced all in one piece rather than split up into sections, which means no unattractive panel joins.  Variety is also key with this range, as three radically different shapes are available for the stand – swirl, icon and surge.  Choosing textile over plastic will also boost a business’ eco credentials, as it is obviously more environmentally friendly and will probably last for longer.  The graphic piece can even be cleaned in a washing machine!

Printdesigns recently invested in cutting edge printing technology to become one of the only companies in the UK to offer fabric portable displays all finished in-house.  The dye-sublimation printing equipment allows designers to create printed graphics at widths of up to 3.2m.

Mark added, “A TEXstyle display is the ideal alternative to a traditional pop-up stand or portable display; it looks more effective, offers more longevity and total ease of use as it is so light and easy to carry or fold.”

There is currently a range of offers on the TEXstyle range on the Printdesigns website.