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6 Ways to Become a Trade Show Expert

Getting exceptional results from trade shows and exhibitions doesn’t come easy – it takes practice. But there are ways that business can fully take advantage of these events and get the most out of them every time, in order to improve performance. If you’ve been attending trade shows twice a year for thirty years – this doesn’t make you an expert! Simply attending doesn’t count; it’s what you do there that does. Here’s our top tips for becoming a trade show expert:

  1. Attend as many as possible

DSH Accountants Aero Kit with Express Pop up CounterWhile attendance isn’t the only factor, it is necessary to eventually become an expert. You’ll never become brilliant at events by staying in the office or store – you need to get out there and experience the trade show, be inspired and see how others (including your competitors) approach the event. Try and attend all relevant exhibitions and trade shows, as you’ll boost your own confidence and increase your brand outreach.

  1. Take photos and notes

While exhibiting, take time to explore other company stands and take photos of what you like. Take any notes if you see ideas you’d like to copy or adapt – it’s all about the research.

  1. Network

Trade shows are also one of the best places to network. Introduce yourself to other businesses and important decision makers – make the most of your presence! If you find like-minded people you could work together in the future with a joint discount deal etc. Very event is an opportunity to expand your professional network.

  1. Attend Q&As and presentations

If it’s the kind of event which includes presentations, Q&A sessions or other talks, then make sure you attend as many as possible. Not only will this expand your knowledge on the subject, but you’ll see why people have come to the event and have a talking point with potential clients and customers.

  1. Build your sales team

Some employees make great trade show staff – others don’t. By attending multiple events, you’ll be able to pick out who is a natural and has the right sales skills, and who doesn’t. Choose a dedicated sales team who you’ll invite to all events to man your booth.

  1. ALWAYS follow up leads

Have a detailed system for taking contact details for sales leads, and always use the information as soon as possible. Half of being successful at exhibitions boils down to what you do after the event itself. Follow up with your potential clients while your company is still fresh in their mind.

And there you have it – six easy ways to become an expert at trade shows and exhibitions. Let us know if you have any other top tips for exhibitors.