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5 Tips for a Stress Free Set-up

Getting your stand or booth set up quickly and efficiently isn’t an easy task – you’re bound to run into a few problems. However, many people can make it much more stressful by being unprepared or inexperienced – and it doesn’t help by panicking five minutes before the doors open! Regardless of the type of trade show or exhibition you’re attending, follow our top tips for a stress free set-up.

  1. Get there as early as possible

thumbnailHowever long you think you need to set up, add at least an hour. Ideally you should arrive to set up at the earliest possible time stated by the organiser or venue. This gives you more than enough time to set up your stand and deal with any problems which may arise. There is nothing worse than turning up late and stressed, so be sure to plan ahead with transport too.

  1. Be prepared

It’s a good idea to carry a trade show first aid kit in case you run into any emergencies. Think about what you might need across the whole day, but many items could be useful during the set up. Think cellotape, scissors, needle and thread if you have any fabric displays, spare bulbs for lighting etc. Most disasters can be avoided by being prepared.

  1. Have a practice

If you’ve recently bought a new display stand, it’s essential that you have a go at putting it up before the big day. Regardless of how simply the assembly process is, you never know until you try it. You may find you need something extra to put the stand together, and plus by practicing beforehand you’ll also figure out the best way to pack it down. Having a practice will also enable you to set up the stand quicker because you’ll know what you’re doing.

  1. Know the venue

Take time to suss out the venue map, including the loading bays and distance from your stand to other amenities. For really large exhibitions and shows, you may find that your booth is a very long walk away from the exhibitor’s entrance or loading bay. Again, this may add time to your set-up if you don’t know your way around, so be prepared.

  1. Ask for help

Even if you work alone, you may find an extra pair of hands really helps in these situations. If you can’t afford to hire an extra person to be with you all day, then ask a friend or family member to help you just with the set-up. This will take some of the pressure off, and make building the display stand a lot easier.

By following these tips, there should be no reason to get stressed out before the exhibition even begins!