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Worst Exhibition Habits: What Not To Do

mobile phoneWe’re here to give you honest advice, and sometimes when it comes to sharing tips it’s helpful to explain what you shouldn’t do as well as what you should. When it comes to showcasing exhibition stands, there are plenty of bad habits which staff have picked up, which could be jeopardising your stand. Take a look at this list of naughty no-nos and actively ensure no one in your team is an offender.

  1. Being on your mobile phone

This one is pretty obvious but you’d be surprised at the number of culprits. It doesn’t matter if it’s a work related call or text – take it away from the booth. If you are busy on your phone, then it gives visitors the impression that you’re too busy to talk to them and sell your product. It says your boredom is more important than them. Not to mention it looks very unprofessional! You wouldn’t stand on a shop floor playing on your mobile phone – so don’t do it at an exhibition.

  1. Leaving the booth unmanned

Do you need to go and grab a coffee, or go to the bathroom? Do you need to go outside to make a business call? It’s not busy and there aren’t many people passing by so it doesn’t matter, right? Wrong! You never know when somebody is going to show up wanting to know more about your business and your products or services. If no one is there to help them, there is a room full of similar businesses they can turn to. So the first rule of exhibiting is not to go alone – if you’re self-employed then take a friend or family member, or a student who is looking for a bit of extra cash. Take anyone you can trust to be friendly and welcoming, and hold the fort until you can get back to your stand to sell your company.

  1. Bad mouthing the competition

Visitors and exhibitors alike know the setup of a trade event – there are lots of similar organisations in a room competing for business. There may seem like no other way to compete other than to point out why your products are better, or the failure of others. But don’t stoop this low – not only will visitors see right through it, but the companies are bound to hear about your trick. You are in the same industry so no doubt will have to see one another regularly at business events – so you want a professional relationship. There is nothing more unprofessional than bad mouthing the competition – let your products stand out on their own.

So there you have our top three worst habits of exhibitors. Have you seen any bad behaviour at an exhibition or trade event? Let us know!