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What makes a great exhibition stand?

exhibition-stand At Printdesigns we’ve been working with our customers to produce effective exhibition stands for over a decade, producing beautiful spaces that attract the right people and help them reach their business targets. We often get asked what makes the perfect exhibition stand, and although we are happy to advice our clients on an individual basis we thought we’d round up some of the core elements to make every trade show booth a success.


Although every company that attends a trade show will be physically present, not all businesses use their trade show booth in a way that engages their customer as they walk past. The key to a good exhibition stand is one that encourages conversation, inviting potential leads to learn more about your business and the solutions you can offer them. Digital display stands that incorporate monitors or iPad technology can help with this, as can creating an open and inviting layout to your trade show booth. Use portable furniture to create mini meeting spaces and encourage your team to really listen to your clients, rather than appearing too pushy and ‘closed’.

Customisation to suit the given space

Some businesses only stick to one kind of display stand solution, whether that is roller banners or shell clad displays. However, limiting yourself to one kind of stand means that it may not be suitable for every booth space you book. Take into account the individual requirements of each space you have at every trade show and edit your exhibition stand accordingly to make the best use of the particular area.

3 C’s (Clear, consistent, concise)

A confusing exhibition stand is never successful. Ensure that every element on your booth such as your banner stands, flyers and print outs as well as the way that you brief your sales staff is consistent, concise and clear. If you have had a recent rebrand, ensure that your display stands reflect this change – using your old ones can appear unprofessional and will project mixed messages to your consumers. Keep any text on your display stands clear and concise, leaving the finer details to be explained on your hand outs and additional literature. We offer a range of bundle deals on exhibition stand kits to help make any brand update affordable.

These are just three simple tips, but they can go a long way in improving the effectiveness of your exhibition stand. To learn more about our display stand solutions and how they can help you reach your professional goals, get in touch with a member of our team today!